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Frequently Asked Questions about the Program


How do I start the program? What products should I take first?

There are three steps to the program: Cleanse, Control, and Construct. To Cleanse, most people start out with the Balance Pack, Alkalizer Pack, or Lighten Up. (SuperGreens, Prime pH, etc.) The products contained in this pack are meant to cleanse the body of impurities and help one prepare to Control, or regain one's health with multi-vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.


How much do I take?

All products have general recommended dosages on the label (i.e. 3-5 drops 3 times a day, or 2 capsules 3 times a day) When one is seeking to improve general health and prevent illness, typically the minimum dosage is followed. Others, who are experiencing more health challenges may choose to increase the frequency to 6 to 9 times a day. The general recommendation is to take the regular dosage unless otherwise instructed by a trained health care professional.


When should I take the products? How do I use them?

Liquid Lightning colloidal drops can be taken about one half hour before meals- morning, noon, and night. They can be dropped under the tongue all at once if desired, or added to water or vegetable juice. When dropping under the tongue, ideally one should allow the liquid to be absorbed, not swallowed. Capsules may be taken with meals, unless otherwise directed on the label (i.e. Noni Complex II - take between meals) *Important: Liquid Lightning colloidal drops are to be taken under the tongue, except for Prime pH, which must be diluted in water according to label.


How long should I take the products? What should I take next?

Most take all the products in a given pack until it is finished, then re-assess symptoms and goals before choosing what to take next. For example, if one chooses to take the Balance Pack upon beginning the program, the Basics Pack (Mega-Multi, Mega-Min, Silver Plus, etc.) is a sensible choice in taking the next step, Control. When the six products in the Basics Pack are finished, targeted products, like the Women's/Men's Packs, Kidney Plus, or Mind Max may be the right choice to begin the following phase, Construct. Depending on one's individual health situation or goals, one must decide when to continue or discontinue the products. When the desired results have been achieved, SuperGreens and Prime pH are recommended for maintenance. For more product information, just ask me.


Is it okay to take multiple products at once?

Some people who are experiencing more health challenges feel the need to take not only the Cleansing products, but also Control, and even Construct products at the same time. For instance, an individual who has challenges involving digestion, insulin sensitivity, and recurrent outfections, might take the Balance Pack for cleansing, Pancreas Plus to improve insulin sensitivity, and Silver Plus to fight outfection. Another person with multiple challenges may wish to take the Balance Pack and the Basics Pack at the same time for faster results.


How much Prime pH should be added to water? In distilled water?

It is recommended to add Prime pH drops to all water, including distilled or reverse osmosis. The drops increase alkalinity and oxygen levels in the water, promoting an internal environment in which invaders like yeast, fungus, mold, and bacteria cannot survive. According to the label, one should add 3-5 drops to 8 ounces of water. Add about 6 drops in 16 ounces or one-half liter, 8 drops to a quart or one liter, 10-12 drops in 64 ounces, and 24 drops in one gallon of water.


How much water should I drink each day?

The body needs at least one gallon of water each day to stay properly hydrated. For larger or more active individuals, that amount should be increased accordingly.


How long does 1/2 pound SuperGreens last? One pound?

It is estimated, based on general recommendations, that a pound of SuperGreens lasts approximately 3-4 weeks. On the same recommendations, the one pound size would last 3-4 months.


Are SuperGreens capsules or powder better?

The choice is based primarily on personal preference. Some people enjoy the taste of SuperGreens mixed in water with lemon juice for flavor. However, others like the convenience of capsules for travel or work. Capsules should be taken with water - two to three capsules with one quart/liter 2-3 times a day.


How many SuperGreens capsules equal one teaspoon of powder?

About 2-3 capsules are equivalent to one level teaspoon of SuperGreens powder.


Can I take these products at the same time as my medication?

One should always consult a primary care physician/health practitioner of choice when considering supplementation for health purposes, especially when undergoing treatment for an existing condition. Pregnant individuals should also consult a physician before beginning supplementation.


Are the products safe if I am pregnant or nursing?

Consult with your physician or medical practitioner before taking any supplements while pregnant.


Can I take the Women's Pack if I am taking estrogen/hormone replacement?

Again, consult with your physician or medical practitioner before taking any supplements in addition to your prescription.


Is it possible to be too alkaline?

Yes. When monitoring one's saliva, urine, etc. for pH levels, be sure to note the normal ranges for these bodily fluids. The normal range for saliva should be 6.8-7.2, urine 6.8-7.2, and arterial/capillary/venous blood 7.2-7.4. Some tissues and fluids in the body are normally alkaline, some acid. For example, the stomach and large intestine must be acidic to breakdown food. Blood pH is the best indicator of internal balance- it is slightly alkaline at about 7.3. However, as one becomes more acidic, the blood increases in alkalinity, a protective mechanism, retaining alkaline salts to offset the increase in tissue acidity. Therefore, if the blood is too alkaline, it is an indication of imbalance in the tissues, a serious problem of excess acidity.


How do I know if I am out of balance?

The body is fine-tuned. When out of balance it may respond with stomach upset and indigestion; confusion, anger, or irritability; food sensitivity and allergic reactions; recurrent infections; fatigue or depression, etc. Even external signs such as unexplained rash, acne, dark circles under eyes, cracked skin and nails, brittle hair, excess weight, etc. show that one's body is dealing with an imbalance. For example, the body produces fat to protect its vital organs from the damaging effects of acid. When one improves the diet with fresh, raw, alkaline foods, providing the nutrients essential to balance and strength, the body naturally repairs itself and comes into balance, achieving optimal weight on its own.


What is a Cleanse?

Cleansing is a holistic approach to allowing the body to heal itself, naturally. It helps to remove debris that has built up in the body and provide raw materials, or building blocks for repair. A seven to ten day cleanse is recommended when beginning the program to help one achieve the goals mentioned previously, as well as transition the body off of processed, sweetened, artificially flavored foods to more whole, raw, natural foods. For more information, just ask me.


What can I expect during the Cleanse?

It is important to understand that during the Cleanse, one's blood is actually "dirtier" than when one began. This can result in feeling worse before one can feel better. Some so-called "detox" symptoms may occur, such as: nausea, dizziness, headache, fatigue, runny nose, etc. Some call these flu-like symptoms a "healing crisis." It's a good sign! Toxins are being expelled from the body through wastes, mucus, etc. Most importantly, one should hydrate, hydrate, hydrate to aid these toxins in leaving the body and allowing the repair that must take place to occur. Allow oneself to rest as the body requires. Limit normal activity for this period of time (i.e. exercise, sight-seeing, strenuous activity) Then, one will begin to feel lighter, clearer, energetic, and free of toxins (and other unwanted "guests") that steal one's vitality!


How should I change my diet to lose weight and feel more energy?

Follow these links for Shopping Lists, sample Menus, and Recipes. There's much moreavailable in Dr. Robert Young's book, Sick and Tired as well as Shelley Redford Young's book, "Back to the House of Health." For more information on diet, sample recipes, and shopping list, just ask me.

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